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Stamps and Mashayamombe

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High Tech Think Tank

Kenyon and Daniel formed Stamps and Mashayamombe (StaMash in 2012. The company previously trades as Stamps & Mashayamombe. The purpose of starting the company was to begin addressing very specific needs of Zimbabwe in a technological way. Intended as a think-tank company we have been down an interesting path, designing and studying the impact of multiple solutions, including an Advanced Traffic Managment System for Harare and a School of Technology. Market penertration delays have been created by the market however we are seeing a greater acceptance of HiTech solutions every year.

Energy Lab (Zimbabwe)

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Integrated Energy Solutions

The Energy Lab department (now our Trading-As name) was formed in 2015. Energy Lab focuses on Solar Power solutions from advanced hybrid to off-grid solutions.

We mostly offer contract engineering services to other solar companies and contractors but do our own EPC work from time to time. Our biggest completed project to date is a 230kWp Solar Grid-tie solution at the US Embassy in Harare for One Stop Solar. We are currently working on "cookie-cut" bank-funded solutions for homes, some 1Ha to 200Ha irrigation projects and a 5MWp solar farm. We have two exciting R&D projects on the cards - it is well worth watching this space in the next year - most Harare commuters will have an interest.

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Maspaka was started in 2012 as a supplier of electronic components to University students in Zimbabwe.

Currently closed due to banking and forex difficulties the e-shop is an online only shop which also holds maker workshops. We are hoping to open again soon.

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